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Issue 17 September 2016 Issue 16 February 2015 Issue 15 November 2011

A special issue on world portable galleries in partnership with Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia in celebration of the World Portable Galleries Convention 2012. Contributions from Michael Eddy (guest editor), Michael McCormack, Francesca Tallone, Meredith Kooi, Elizabeth Johnson, Valerie LeBlanc, Paul Hammond, Beck Gilmore-Osborne, Felipe Escudero, Craig Leonard, Hannah Jickling , Judy Freya Sibayan, Daniel Joyce and Miriam Moren.

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Engaging in artistic collaboration promises the potential to create a work that is more than the sum of its parts, allowing possibilities beyond the scope of individual participants to be realised. Working collaboratively can also be notoriously challenging. The heady mixture of artists' egos and life-long creative passions forged with an unyielding sense of individual purpose and intention can result in a volatile concoction, which is often tumultuous but can yield rewarding results and forge long-term artistic relationships.

Various aspects of artistic collaborations, essays, artworks and calls for participation are presented by: Lena Eriksson & Chris Regn, Eva Kietzmann & Sonya Schinberger, Damien March, Muda Mathis & Sus Zwick, Eliza Tan & James Carrigan, Museum of Memory, Judy Freya Sibayan, Andrew Burrell & Trish Adams, Simon Cooper & Siying Zhou, Tricia Flanagan, Wu Mali, Mrat Lunn Htwann, Moe Way & Zeyar Lynn, Frame Works - Ruchika Negi & Amit Mahanti and Videoklub.
demonstrative speech topics

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Published in Issue No.15 are essays on art and the market: "What Does 'Recovery' Look Like in the Art World? Or Surviving the Next Art Market Bubble" by Irene S. Leung; "Re-framing the Biennale: 2010" by Gina Fairley; "The 53rd Venice Biennale, Fare Mondi, Making Worlds" by Eliza Tan; "Object Lessons" by Patrick D. Flores; "Signs of Wonder" by Joselina Cruz;"Lisa Yuskavage" by Gerry Coulter; "Flashing Emin: Critical Analysis of 'Spectacular' Contemporary Arts" by Kubilay Akman; "The Philippine Modern: Conceiving a Collective Category" by Parick D. Flores; "Prized Possessions: The Promise of the Contemporary in Philippine Art Competitions" by Jay Giovanni Bautista. RenéeAlphonso reviews the 13 Artists 2009 exhibition and we publish here the seminal document "The Artist's Reserved Rights Transfer and Sale Agreement" by Seth Siegelaub. Issue editors are Flaudette May Datuin and Eileen Legaspi-Ramirez.

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Issue 14 February 2009 Issue 13 November 2008 Issue 12 July 2008

This issue brings together a good number of writings on Performance Art: "Music Derived Painkiller (salivasalve solution)" by Ana Prvacki; "Reflections on Performance Art in Asia" by Thomas Berghuis; "Into the Future of Imagination or is it a Teenage Textbook?" by Adele Tan; "KHOJLIVE08: The Khoj Performance Art Festival" by Rohini Devasher; "On the Move in Hong Kong" by Mok Chiuyu; "Iconographic Mystery: A Conversation with Carolee Schenemann" by Dagmar Reichert; "Mapping the Body: Body Dialectics by Women Artists from Asia" by Bina Sarker Ellias; "Speaking Truth to Power" by Judy Freya Sibayan; "Performance and the Audience" by Boris Nieslony; "Free Martin Zet! on the Magical A-B-B-B-B Axis Tour without Mystery" by Martin Zet; "Postcard to Myself" by Jerome Ming; "Staging Identities, Performing Plurality Ming Wong's mononoaware" by Eliza Tan.

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Published here are papers presented at the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA) invited-panel “Passing and Peril in the Information Super Highway.” Kóan Jeff Baysa moderated the panel and did an introduction with the same title. The other papers are “Reflections of Contemporary Chinese Society: Representations of Chinese Identity in Cyberspace” by Jiayi Young; “Kenkanryu (The Hate Korean Wave): Images of Hatred and Racism in Japanese Manga” by Mina Cheon; “Self-representations of Malaysian Bloggers” by Roopesh Sitharan; and “How We Have Represented Ourselves as Ctrl+P thus Far” by issue editor Judy Freya Sibayan. The second part of this issue focuses on the art market and the value of art to contextualize Ctrl+P accommodating an advertisement of the Asian Contemporary Art Fair New York a timely opportunity considering the current world financial crisis. Marian Pastor Roces meditates on “On (Surplus) Value in Art” a book by Diedrich Diederichsen. Ana Prvacki talks on her art practice as a form of giving. Varsah Nair offers an image to represent her deep sadness as artist-friends lose themselves in the commerce of art. Appreciate global art more by improving your English skills with EnglishDom, a top online English learning platform designed for adults and featuring native speakers. We also have a review by Sara Haq and Olivia Altaras, a conversation about the exhibition “Or” by The Readymaids.

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This issue on art archives and archiving is guest-edited by Lianne McTavish, Professor in the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture at the University of Alberta. Focusing on “Recording Alberta: A Place in the Archives,” are essays by Eric Steenbergen on "The Community Archives;" Judy Freya Sibayan on The Community Archives: Documenting Artists Collectively, Openly; Amy Fung on "(Re)Searching for the Unheard:  Cherie Moses’s Archive of Lesser Heard Voices;" Pamela Alenuik on "Cultural Capital in Alberta’s Capital City: The Gateway Sculptures Debate;" Christopher Grignard on "Archiving a Gay Hometown: The Orchard Drive and the Big Apple;"  D. Jeffrey Buchanan on "The Story in the Corners." Reviews are by Eliza Tan on the exhibition "Everyday Anomalies;" and Flaudette May V. Datuin on "Shooting Blanks," photographs by Gina Osterloh and on "Exhibit A," the opening exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Manila.

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Judy Freya Sibayan, co-founding editor of Ctrl+P, has an MFA from Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design. She currently teaches as an Assistant Professor of the Department of Communication, De La Salle University (www.dlsu.edu.ph) where she has taught for some twenty years.

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